Our markets

Iv-Groep employs people with a Passion for Technology in a wide range of positions: from structural engineers to risk analysts, and from managers of local infrastructure projects to mechanical engineers working for our major international clients.

We operate in the following markets:
  • Buildings & Installations
  • Industry
  • Infrastructure & Ports
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas
  • Special Structures & equipment
  • Water
The diversity of the markets we serve makes Iv-Groep an attractive employer for ambitious professionals.

Challenging projects
The lock gates for the expansion of the Panama Canal, the Rotating Tower, and the self-installing F3-FA gas platform – these are just a few examples of Iv-Groep projects that will appeal greatly to any ambitious engineer. Of course, there are many more projects that we take pride. More information about some of our projects may be found here.