About Iv-Groep

Iv-Groep is a consultancy and engineering company that operates worldwide. With a staff of over 1000 professionals, we offer a multidisciplinary range of services in the following key markets: Buildings & Installations, Industry, Infrastructure & Ports, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Special Structures & equipment and Water. Our passion for technology is our strength, and provides the basis for our distinctive market position as an engineering company. Our highly experienced engineers are keen to tackle even the most difficult projects. We think in terms of solutions rather than problems, and no challenge is too great for us. This makes Iv-Groep the ideal partner for projects of any size and complexity.

Over 60 years of experience
The history of Iv-Groep goes back over sixty years to the company’s founding in 1949. Iv-Groep is structured within divisions that correspond to the main markets we serve. The organisation is further subdivided into a number of companies, each employing some 50 to 200 staff members. Each of these ‘Iv-companies’ is a specialist in the market in which it operates. For instance, Iv-Oil & Gas serves the oil & gas market, while Iv-Infra operates in the infrastructure market. This structure ensures that Iv-Groep is knowledge-driven and most importantly, capable of operating as a leader in a wide diversity of markets. We rank among the ten largest engineering companies in the Netherlands. Iv-Groep is expanding its activities and aims to continue on this path of growth in the coming years. We can therefore offer a dynamic working environment that will give you plenty of opportunities to grow along with the organisation.

Drive and enthusiasm
A pleasant and collegial atmosphere is important to us, as large and complex projects can only be completed successfully in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams. Our company culture is characterised by drive and enthusiasm. The employees of Iv-Groep are knowledgeable in their respective fields. They are willing to take the initiative and assume responsibility, and attach great importance to freedom and the highest standards of quality in their work.

Passion for technology
Do you have a passion for technology? Visit our Vacancies Overview. Iv-Groep has set its sights on significantly expanding its business in the coming years. To help us fulfil this ambition we are looking for senior professionals, professionals, starters in the job market, trainees and graduates who want to share their passion for technology with us. Were you unable to find a suitable vacancy? Please feel free to send us an open application.