Employees in the spotlight

Our Passion for Technology is our key strength. It is the common factor that binds everyone within our organisation, and is demonstrated every day by enthusiastic and highly motivated specialists who know exactly what they’re doing. Passion, knowledge and expertise form the lifeblood of our company and are appreciated by our many clients in all parts of the world. Our engineers are technical experts of the highest calibre who enjoy brainstorming about the most complex challenges. Their creativity gives rise to surprising solutions, whereupon the impossible becomes possible.

Employees in the spotlight
We would like to introduce a few of our current employees to share their enthusiasm with you. Some joined Iv-Groep quite recently, while others have many years’ knowledge and experience. Of course, they all have one thing in common: the ‘Passion for Technology’ which they bring to their day-to-day work, each in their own way.

Iv-Oil & Gas

Amit Biharie
Lead Piping Design/Layout


Rick van der Meijs
Jr. Hydraulic Designer


Dick de Graaf
Managing Director Iv-Industrie


Rick de Jong
Vestigingsmanager Iv-Consult Almere


Marieke Benschop and Christiaan Hilgers
Mechanical Engineer and Specialist E&I


Ramon Vriesde
Project Leader and Consultant

Escher Process Modules

Vincent Rüter
Adjunct-Directeur Escher


John Bernard
Mechanical Engineering Manager


Florin Golea
Naval Architect


Gijsbert Hello
Head of Application Management Department

Iv-Groep/Corporate Departments

Eduard van Breugel and Joke Walta
Assistant Controller and HR Manager Iv-Industrie